Ford F-150 Raptor vs Ram 1500 Rebel: take your pick!


Ford F-150 Raptor vs Ram 1500 Rebel: take your pick!

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Raptor vs Rebel
This is for the pickup-lovers among you.

Ford and Chrysler show is currently in Detroit to which they are capable in the area of extra rugged pickups. With the 15 cm extended Ford F-150 Raptor, we were already acquainted.

If Charlie Sheen tijgerbloed, this Raptor Baja-blood. Went the V8 overboard, in favor of a 3.5 liter Ecoboost V6, which is linked to a gearbox with 10 gears.

Gallery: Ford F150 Raptor

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Gallery: Ford F-150 Raptor

image 17FordRaptor_01_HR.jpg
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image 17FordRaptor_10_HR.jpg
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Chrysler put a extra rugged Ram 1500 with offroadpapieren opposite: the Rebel. This 4×4 – which by its name in the southern states of the USA in the taste you will fall – for who would not hesitate to get your hands dirty.

He stands on 33-inch tires (17 inch wheels), and has more robust bumpers, different suspension, a towing hook and a softer-tuned anti-roll bar. The body borrows in addition, some parts of big brother, the Ram 2500. Under the hood lies a 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar, or the 5.7-litre Hemi V8, for those six pips is not enough.

Gallery: Ram 1500 Rebel

image Ram-1500-Rebel-001.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-002.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-003.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-004.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-005.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-006.jpg

Gallery: Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel

image Ram-1500-Rebel-001.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-003.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-004.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-005.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-006.jpg
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image Ram-1500-Rebel-020.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-021.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-022.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-023.jpg
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image Ram-1500-Rebel-026.jpg
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image Ram-1500-Rebel-028.jpg
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image Ram-1500-Rebel-030.jpg
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image Ram-1500-Rebel-042.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-043.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-044.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-046.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-047.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-048.jpg
image Ram-1500-Rebel-049.jpg

In which of these two uber-pickups would you prefer via the allerkorstste way to the next Nascar race or the next Kenny Chesney concert drive, or your sweetie with your fist kiss? Choose but!