Citroën E-Mehari: retro strandwagentje is 100% electric


Citroën E-Mehari: retro strandwagentje is 100% electric

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Citroen E-Mehari
Hippies and hipsters caution: the Citroën Mehari is back!

The avid Groen7-readers will not fail to notice. PSA was a collaboration with Bolloré. The company developed Bluesummer would be built and to be sold by Citroën. At the same time made Citroën our great with an concept of the C4 Cactus which is clearly a reference to the ancient Mehari. For the youngsters among us, that was a plastic pretautootje on the basis of the 2CV.

Now it turns out that Citroen, the Bluesummer is not unchanged is going to build, nor with a Mehari variant of the C4. Instead, they have the appearance of the Bolloré developed electric car a taken in hand. We see a well-known familiegezicht, and has been on the doors, which refers to the ancient Mehari, but also on the Cactus-M Concept all to see.

Just as the original Mehari, also this E-Mehari is not very suitable for the daily mileage. Not only is you, even with the modular roof is closed, still not very sheltered, the operational range of the 30 kWh battery leaves much to be desired. In urban area you come 200 miles away, beyond about half. An electric motor with a maximum power of 50 kW is good for a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour.

Unfortunately, for now, the E-Mehari only for the French market determines. It seems to me, provided that there is sufficient affordable, a nice(er) alternative for a Renault Twizy.

UPDATE: In France, the cost of the Bolloré Bluesummer a dear 17.700 euros, excluding taxes. There’s still 79 euro per month to batterijhuur. Or Citroen should be the price of the E-Mehari large print, or E-Mehari is just as much flopping as the Citroën C-Zero…

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