Chinese develop breingestuurde car


Chinese develop breingestuurde car

Posted on 08-12-2015 at 22:22 by dizono – 14 Comments”

If you car about ten years the McDrive running, this is why.

Autonomous driving is totally hip and happening, you hear there as a manufacturer if you are not concerned with self-propelled cars. There is even a racing series in which robotauto’s against each other. Where the Chinese often stand in the front if the copying of Western technology, this time they go a step further than the Western automobile manufacturers.

Chinese researchers have succeeded in a car ‘driving’ with the brain. Your skull there is no need for open researcher Zhang Zhao can with a kind headset the car forward and reverse drive, brakes and doors locking and unlocking, so, he demonstrates to Reuters.

According to the researchers, it is not an alternative to autonomous driving, but it can properly be seen as the next step. It is not intended that you need to continuously concentrate on the car with your brain to adjust. If the car is able to drive, you can use your own brain short give commands to, for example, from road surface change or an exit.

Also, I have some suggestions. What about a climate control that automatically makes the interior on your ideal temperature, with a radio that exactly that numbers of Spotify plays where you are at that time. But above all: a function that emerging scandal about the linksplakker for you automatically translates to a grootlichtsignaal. Other brilliant suggestions?

Photo: the Braincar of artist Olaf Mooij