Beijing explains 50 percent of all cars on tires


Beijing explains 50 percent of all cars on tires

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Smog city
It is going to be equally completely wrong in the Chinese capital.

Because the air above Beijing is so dirty is the city for the next few days for the first time, code red issued, the supreme smogalarm. Measurements show that the amount of particulate matter 300 micrograms per cubic metre, while the world health organization a maximum of 25 micrograms of responsibility. Therefore, workers could no longer work, schools are closed, factories the production to reduce and the traffic is halved.

5.5 million cars
The government has set that on the one day cars with even number plates allowed on the road in Beijing, where a total of 5.5 million cars, and the other day only cars with odd number plates. A method that more and more parts of China is applied.

Only rich Chinese people with multiple cars and both equally as odd-number plates spring dance. The smogproblemen keep in the currently windless Beijing until this weekend. Then flowing again cold air inside.

Code below in Red in the picture: