Beautiful Chevrolet Fleetline is king of the street


Beautiful Chevrolet Fleetline is king of the street

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Gespot: prachtige Chevrolet Fleetline
Every car in addition to this classic American park falls into the not. One word: wow.

This shiny black Chevrolet Fleetline 1948 is powered by a ferocious beats 3.5 liter six-in-line, 90-as a hp supplies and thanks to its two doors, also called the Aerosedan called. With a total of more than 210,000, the delivered copies are not per se rare, but so beautiful if we see them in the Netherlands they don’t often pass by.

According to the owner, there is (rightly) a lot of love in the car was stopped. The burly American was, for almost a year ago, the direction of the Netherlands was thoroughly overhauled, restored and re-built. The result is (for so far as to assess from picture) certainly are. The Fleetline has a nice tight line and shine you need.

Why is he so much higher on his legs then stands behind it is not entirely clear. Seems to be no standard thingy in ’48 Fleetlines.

Spotter Adriaansen, an acquaintance of the owner, has the classic rich picture. And we are happy to. Because this looks would be much better than the plastic stuff that Chevrolet the last few years on the market. I find then.

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