Alfa Romeo Giulietta: 5 years, stylish drive with 20% tax liability


Alfa Romeo Giulietta: 5 years, stylish drive with 20% tax liability

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
You can wisely do and get a new car lease with low tax liability before the end of the year. You can also follow your heart, and for a fun car. Or you can do both.

So at the end of the year is traditionally swamped with commercials for health insurance, but this year, there are also car adverts have been added. And that is not without reason, since, by 1 January you go over practical all cars more add. A quick benefit, because if you remember this year a new car is going to drive, then you should have five years under the old rules, add. More fun can we make it not.

Or is it, because cars with a low tax liability are not, by definition, bleary-eyed wallflowers. Every car enthusiast should ever a time an Alfa Romeo had, and that is this month very attractive. Both the Giulietta 1.6 JTDm (120 hp) and the 2.0 JTDm (150 bhp) in 2015 is still in the 20%-bijtellingscategorie. For the 1.6 that adds up to 199 euros net of tax per month (at 42% income tax), the 2.0 will cost you monthly 215 euro.

We need you on the looks of the Giulietta is little more to tell, all the dots we had that in the Giulietta Sprint, to which the above amounts are based, attractive 17-inch wheels in classic Alpha-design standard. Moreover, you will get Alfa’s familiar DNA system, six airbags, ESP, ASR, carbon-finish dash and doors, a sport steering wheel and air conditioning. Does the Alfa Romeo dealer for the opportunity to have a Uconnect Navigation system, to the value of 985 euros. Grazi mille!

“Giulietta Sprint, I know that name is not anywhere?” That’s right, this is that wonderful coupe’tyou that the new Giuletta on the photos accompanied. Slightly less practical for everyday use than the new, by the way, but that suspicion you had for yourself already. It is a wonderful example of how Alfa Romeo its brand values in terms of design it has remained faithful. Want to know more? Click HERE!

Gallery: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

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