“New horizons” made the best picture of an object in the Kuiper belt



The NASA probe “New horizons” has given us another historic photo. At first glance, this small point does not cause any particular emotion, but it’s the closest image of the object from the remote Kuiper belt, is received by mankind. Camera New horizons caught the object named 1994 JR1, which is “only” 270 million kilometers from the transmitter is 15 times closer than any object in the Kuiper belt, which we saw earlier. This small icy world is farther away from the Sun than Pluto — its neighbours are tiny dwarf planet of Haumea and Makemake.


The animation, created from multiple photos, it is visible as 1994 JR1 is moved relative to the stars.

And that’s not all. The command “New horizons” will get a lot of photos of objects in the Kuiper belt, if the decision is taken on the extension of the mission. The next big rendezvous will occur on the eve of the New 2019 when the probe will fly past MU69 2014 — but up to this point, we definitely will be something to see.

According to the materials Engadget.com