Mozilla has discontinued support for the operating system Firefox OS


Mozilla прекратила поддержку операционной системы Firefox OS

Operating system Firefox OS was introduced to the public in 2013 as a web-based alternative to iOS and Android to budget smartphones. Having lived through the release of nine updates, Firefox OS will cease to exist in December 2015. This was reported by representatives of Mozilla in its official press release. The experiment was very interesting, but did not bring the authors the desired result.

From this point on, Mozilla stops development and production of smartphones running Firefox OS, but will try to apply the knowledge and experience in the field of Internet of things. Here’s what he said Vice-President of Mozilla Ari Jaaksi during the event for developers Mozlando held on Wednesday in Orlando:

“We are very proud of the benefits that Firefox OS has brought to the work of our web platform. Mozilla does not stop the experiments in the Internet of things. Our entire ecosystem will continue to exist only in the form of open source project, focusing on the user experience and the development of existing opportunities. The experience with Firefox OS have demonstrated the flexibility of web-based systems that are able to scale from low-cost smart phones to smart TVs. However, we are unable to offer their users a better experience, so had to stop work on smartphones running this operating system. In the very near future we will share with you information about our new projects”.

The main difference between Firefox OS and Android from iOS is its Internet focus. All applications of the operating system been a conventional web applications, the use of which is impossible without access to the Network. Perhaps this played a decisive role in the fate system. To sell to people in the third world of budget smartphones that are not able to work without constant Network access is not the best option for doing business.