American researchers have created a drone that is able to swim under water and fly



Get introduced to Navigatorom — new drone created by researchers and students at Rutgers University. As you might guess from its name, it feels great both underwater and in the air. This remote-controlled quadrocopter can easily transition from flight to dive mode and back.

This project was supported by the office of naval research of the USA in the hope of a new vehicle, capable of rapid deployment to perform a variety of tasks. For example, the combination of the functions of the quadrocopter and the submarine will allow you to check the foundations of bridges, explore underwater contamination, or to perform search and rescue operations.

While all of the above is suitable for use for peaceful and commercial purposes, the military also sure to put an eye on this technology because this drone will be able to quickly locate underwater mines. As said Javier Diez, Professor of the faculty of mechanical and aerospace engineering Rutgers University, “mines are the biggest problem for the Navy”.

The first prototype is only a proof the overall concept, and researchers still have to overcome many obstacles. Among them is the scaling of the drone to the size at which he will be able to carry sufficient payload, such as cameras and sensors. In addition, researchers will have to improve the dynamics of an underwater apparatus. Since the transmission of radio signals under water is difficult, at the moment, the drone can operate under water only for wired connection. Despite all these shortcomings, a demo version of the drone still affects their abilities. However, see for yourself: