5 things you need to know about Tesla’s accuwisselstation


5 things you need to know about Tesla’s accuwisselstation

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5 dingen die je moet weten over Tesla's accuwisselstation
We thought that the project was a quiet death had died, but a year and a half after the presentation let Tesla know that the first accuwisselstation is almost ready for use.

The first accuwisselstation comes with the remote, Harris Ranch in California (Google Maps), on the route between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Near a village where it 24/7 to manure smells, but that is entirely beside the point. The number of Tesla drivers that batteries can change the station, that about $ 500,000 has cost to build, is still limited. Elon mentions it on Twitter a beta-mode. If successful, there may be more, but nothing is yet known. What’s to know? Below is a list.

1. Every Tesla Model S can be battery swapping

In the design of the Model S in 2008 was taken into account with a quick and fitting of the roughly 800 kilograms-weighing battery. Because the battery pack at the bottom of the car is placed can make a quick substitution to take place.

2. It is NOT faster than the refuelling of a car
Huup huup, Tesla Model S wisseltruuk!
A year and a half ago CEO Elon Musk in Los Angeles, the first prototype of a accuwisselstation in Los Angeles. On a slick presentation was for an army juichaapjes presented how a Model S in 90 seconds of battery exchanged. And how this is faster than filling up an Audi A8, a car with a 90-litre(!) fuel tank. Today, the Model S, however, protective coverings supplied, after a number of vuurincidenten. It takes to swap now, at least 3 minutes. Still horribly quickly, though.

3. Worn batteries free exchange is not there
The more often you make a lithium-ion battery is charging, the more capacity is lost. That applies to smartphones, which applies to Tesla’s. In a accuwisselstation a new battery pick up, so would be a godsend, but so is crazy about Tesla. A wisselaccu you should be on the way back again return. You can also choose to have the difference between your old and new battery have to pay. At least, that was the plan a year and a half ago, in which there is incidentally no prices were mentioned.

4. You always have the choice between swapping or supercharge
Accuwisselstations are always built with existing Superchargers. Upon arrival you have the choice between a free of charge – where you at least 30 minutes to lose – or a paid battery swap.

5. It costs less than a tank of petrol
Tesla still has no prices listed, but says that something costs less than a full tank of gas in a premium sedan. If we assume a 60 litre tank – which you have today in the US for converted €0,51 per litre volgooit – cost a batterijswap less than $ 30, or €25.

Tesla let them know that there are still no plans to accuwisselstation also in the Netherlands, to roll out.