Tuner Carlsson is saved from destruction


Tuner Carlsson is saved from destruction

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Tuner Carlsson is gered van de ondergang
New owner, new plans, everything.

In the field of Mercedes tuners Brabus obviously the largest market share, followed by the also German tuner Carlsson in a distant second place. And with that went the last couple of years not so good. In 2013, the turnover of the bodykitbakker still 30 million euros, a year later decreased this to 18 million. Not enough to the tent to keep, making Carlsson – all for 70% in the hands of Chinese Zhongsheng – in april a bankruptcy ordered (but still went with hard tjoeninks).

We have (fortunately?) not long to wait until Carlssons tuningdrift back on Mercedi appears. The company is taken over by the Korean Sambo Motors, which is planning on expanding production and the number of special editions hopes to expand. For what amount is not known.

Cool. Can we have a new C25? Vintage driving test with Carl on Autoblog on ABHD.

Gallery: Carlsson C25 Girl

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