Then buy! The thick Bentley of René Froger


Then buy! The thick Bentley of René Froger

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Koop dan! De dikke Bentley van René Froger
Yes, the top who own the Arena more than five thousand times (rough estimate) sold out reed British class.

Who would have thought. The Dutch muziekmeester behind songs like Anything can a man be happy, You’ve got a friend, Just say hello and of course the underexposed So Heppie! from 2009 (a song that is very catchy, so most people probably won’t to the text to listen) turns out to be a true connoisseur on autogebied. We know Froger mainly as a driver of a white SL63 AMG IWC Editon, but he has actually something with good taste driven: a nineties Bentley.

The Brooklands is one of the last real Bentleys, for the acquisition by the Volkswagen Group, after which the brand mainly voetballersauto’s began to manufacture. In the early nineties, followed the Brooklands and the Mulsanne, which for twelve years remained in production. It was again a model from the category ‘Boxy Bentley, but with roguish round headlights. And, of course, the stateliness of a British aristocrat (no, not this). Under the hood the well-known 6,75-litre V8, with 300 horsepower, this dark green Brooklands 184.598 km traveled.

The auctioneers of Catawiki expect between €20.500 €27.000 for to lift.

Thanks to Björn for the tip!

Gallery: Bentley Brooklands Rene Froger

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