The 100 most sold cars in Europe [edition 2015]


The 100 most sold cars in Europe [edition 2015]

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Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport
Time to the final bill for our continent.

Now 2015 draws to an end it is time to see sales figures from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association wants to address and in a statement to pour. We start with our own continent. This year, there are in Europe + Turkey + Russia (the ACEA will find Europe an elastic concept, as it turns out) at present to 15.6 million cars sold, a plus of 3.8 percent compared to the same period last year.

The top 5 is not entirely surprisingly unchanged. The Volkswagen Golf tops the list with 562.835 units, over 50,000 more than last year, followed by the Polo, Clio and Fiesta. B-segment = bread & butter.

The highest new entry is the BMW 2 Series on place 57 (72.843), then the Peugeot 108 at spot 70 (60.364), which is above the Citroen C4 Cactus (#73, 58.294) ended. The Fiat 500X will roll in on a 85th place (50.641).

We have the numbers in a table thrown. Known as well organised. A regular visitor- ‘reacreeps’ get the end of this week their test. Many scrollplezier.

Position 2015Positie 2014ModelVerkocht in 2015Verkocht in 2014Verschil

11Volkswagen Golf562.835507.95910,8%

22Volkswagen Polo314.494304.2043,4%

33Renault Clio290.070294.079-1,4%

44Ford Fiesta278.684277.6550,4%

55Opel Corsa238.302225.7765,5%

68Nissan Qashqai220.132204.5577,6%

76Ford Focus213.075219.567-3,0%

812Volkswagen Passat212.402155.94936,2%

97Skoda Octavia211.982212.546-0,3%

109Peugeot 208206.258201.8602,2%

1110Audi A3177.197175.3271,1%

1218Peugeot 308174.500136.79627,6%

1311Opel Astra163.727156.5894,6%

1417Renault Captur163.160137.30418,8%

1524Mercedes C-Class162.196122.95431,9%

1615Toyota Yaris157.222146.2957,5%

1716Fiat 500146.486145.6460,6%

1821Fiat Panda145.649129.34012,6%

1926Opel Mokka145.246120.25020,8%

2022Kia Rio140.955128.2739,9%

2114Volkswagen Tiguan137.500150.107-8,4%

2232Skoda Fabia136.970112.71721,5%

2325Dacia Sandero133.302121.5599,7%

2428Peugeot 2008130.608117.40511,2%

2513BMW 3 Serie127.872150.937-15,3%

2627Seat Leon126.813119.0356,5%

2719Citroen C3123.046133.853-8,1%

2829Dacia Duster117.594115.7131,6%

2923Renault Mégane113.321126.930-10,7%

3034Kia Sportage112.671109.5252,9%

3133Audi A4112.579110.4062,0%


3331BMW 1 Serie110.205113.314-2,7%

3430Toyota Auris109.893115.354-4,7%

3537Seat Ibiza105.660100.4645,2%

3635Mercedes A Class101.617107.969-5,9%

3720Lada Granta100.941129.725-22,2%

3848Hyundai i2096.48884.98713,5%

3941Hyundai Solaris95.04795.0080,0%

4038Nissan Juke93.55199.851-6,3%

4136Volkswagen Up!90.876107.665-15,6%

4242Renault Scénic89.66293.260-3,9%

4346Ford Kuga89.62385.3085,1%

4443Fiat 500L84.69390.630-6,6%

4551Skoda Rapid84.52684.4210,1%

4658Audi A683.72075.76810,5%

4745Kia Cee d82.44389.204-7,6%

4852Citroen C4 Picasso82.14183.120-1,2%

4944BMW 5 Serie81.99790.504-9,4%

5040Mercedes E Class81.84995.489-14,3%

5139Hyundai ix3579.69195.544-16,6%

5264Renault Twingo78.05167.77015,2%

5350Opel Insignia76.70184.621-9,4%

5453Audi A176.40881.608-6,4%

5561Hyundai i1075.72171.7085,6%

5654Hyundai i3074.73080.739-7,4%

57205BMW 2 Serie72.84312.391487,9%

5849Citroen C472.10084.673-14,8%

5962Audi Q372.06870.2552,6%

6075Toyota Aygo71.15956.24126,5%

6159Mercedes B Class70.69774.738-5,4%

6260Ford C-max70.51573.971-4,7%

6356Fiat Punto70.30476.008-7,5%

64100Ford Mondeo69.57843.87358,6%

6555Toyota RAV469.57876.320-8,8%

6676Volvo XC6064.68855.94115,6%

6766Mazda CX-562.79166.078-5,0%

6867Volvo V4062.77563.622-1,3%

6968Skoda Yeti62.27763.367-1,7%

70161Peugeot 10860.36419.170214,9%

7199BMW 4 Serie60.32444.29136,2%

7257Volkswagen Touran59.95775.994-21,1%

73163Citroen C4 Cactus58.92418.987210,3%

7470Fiat Ducato58.20562.852-7,4%

7580Nissan Micra57.48254.9074,7%

7663Peugeot 300857.01469.956-18,5%

7786Volkswagen Transporter56.25148.35816,3%

7882Audi Q555.54153.0694,7%

7974Volkswagen Caddy54.59956.379-3,2%

80103Citroen C153.87242.73226,1%

8171Citroen Berlingo53.75162.806-14,4%

82109Mercedes GLA53.37738.84637,4%

83130Nissan X-Trail51.91531.04767,2%

84125Mercedes CLA51.43432.86356,5%

85649Fiat 500X50.6415788744,2%

8683Lancia Ypsilon50.53852.965-4,6%

8788Mitsubishi Outlander49.00447.5523,1%

8873Honda CR-V48.76157.306-14,9%

8987Kia Picanto48.64847.9861,4%

9098Smart Fortwo48.00544.7887,2%

91375Jeep Renegade47.1741.9332340,7%

9296Opel Adam47.16745.3753,9%

9393Mitsubishi ASX46.96746.5340,9%

94105Suzuki Swift46.80442.26610,7%

9585Opel Meriva45.26349.329-8,2%


9792Range Rover Evoque44.07346.577-5,4%

9881Renault Kangoo43.95253.790-18,3%

9995Skoda Superb43.88246.166-4,9%

10065Opel Zafira43.41567.597-35,8%