Force 1: the new supercar from Henrik Fisker


Force 1: the new supercar from Henrik Fisker

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Force 1: de nieuwe supercar van Henrik Fisker
The first sketch looks, in any case, licked.

Henrik Fisker had already announced a new car brand on the court to want to come, but slowly the project serious. The celebrated designer (review article), pull out on the upcoming show in Detroit (January 2016), the cloth of his Force 1. It sounds a bit like a gift that your neighbor had with her abo on the Flair gift received, but Fisker has big plans.

The car should be around the $ 300,000 cost. Da’s sure to American terms a high amount. This gives the customer a supercar with atmospheric block (hurray!) that’s the highest specific output ever ever should deliver. We have the bit for you looked up, but the car currently per litre of the most horsepower out of its atmospheric block picks is the Ariel Atom V8. That provides more than 165 hp per liter. Success, Henrik.

Finally, there must be 50 copies of the tape reels, all rich with carbon and active suspension and damping. A manual gearbox with six-speed gearbox is standard, cruiser select the optional automatic transmission. In both cases the power, however, only to the rear wheels is controlled. Nevertheless, would the Force 1 are suitable for daily use for a few hot laps on the circuit.

Fisker blows so quite high from the tower, but that does Alfa Romeo. So that must at all to do with that Force 1, which, incidentally, looks very much the way seems to have the Aston Martin One-77.