A selection of animals with the stupidest names

Every animal in the world has a scientific name. They usually have Latin or Greek roots, because these languages ​​are used in science as international languages. They are also closely related to the main characteristics of each species. For example, the name may indicate the presence of a long tail or refer to the color of the coat. Often a species is named after the location where it was discovered or the name of the scientist who made the discovery. Sometimes scientists name animals after famous figures like Bob Marley and George W. Bush. You might be surprised, but in the southeastern United States you can find swamp rabbits named after Hugh Hefner, the founder of the adult magazine Playboy! Among the animals, there are species with silly names that may make you smile awkwardly. We'll talk about them now.

A selection of animals with the stupidest names. The names of some animal species can make you smile awkwardly. Photo.

The names of some animal species can cause an awkward smile

The authors of the scientific publication IFL Science shared a selection of animals with stupid names. We invite you to look at their photographs and learn more interesting facts about these creatures.


  • 1 Jelly fish
  • 2 Small frogs in Madagascar
  • 3 Ancient species of parrots Vini vidivici
  • 4 Australian wasp Aha ha
  • 5 Ground beetle Agra vation

Jelly fish

The first strangely named creature is the jelly fish, often referred to elsewhere as the Gelae fish. You might think that this is an absurd-looking fish that lives somewhere in the depths of the ocean.

Jelly-shaped fish. The bug Gelae donut is a relative of Gelae fish. Source: .inaturalist.org. Photo.

The bug Gelae donut is a relative of Gelae fish. Source: .inaturalist.org

But no, the jellyfish is a tiny bug that feeds on mushrooms. The genus of these insects was first discovered in 2004, and its other representatives also have strange names. For example, the genus also includes the bugs Gelae baen (sounds like “jelly candies”), Gelae belae (jelly belly), Gelae donut (jelly donut) and Gelae roll (jelly roll).

Little frogs in Madagascar

Sometimes the names of animals make you smile with their banality. In 2019, in the forests of Madagascar, scientists discovered frogs that are different from all the others. A separate genus was allocated for them, the name of which the researchers did not bother too much about. They decided not to associate it with the location of its discovery or the name of a famous person. The genus of frogs is today known as “mini” because its members are very small.

Small frogs in Madagascar. A frog from the genus Mini. Source: 4everscience.com. Photo.

Frog from the genus Mini. Source: 4everscience.com

This group includes only three species of frogs: Mini ature, Mini mum and Mini scule. Their body length is only 9.7 millimeters.

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An ancient species of parrots Vini vidivici

Today science knows about the existence of about 400 species of parrots. Some species have long been extinct, and researchers know about them only from fossilized remains. Among them there is a parrot with the species name Vini vidivici. Unfortunately, it does not make you smile, because it ironically hints at the cruelty of people towards nature.

Ancient species of parrots Vini vidivici. Presumable appearance of the parrot Vini vidivici. Source: commons.wikimedia.org. Photo.

The estimated appearance of the Vini vidivici parrot. Source: commons.wikimedia.org

The name Vini vidivici is very similar to the Latin phrase “veni, vidi, vici”, which translates as “I came, I saw, I conquered”. It is believed that about 1,300 years ago, people sailed to the Marquesas Islands in the central Pacific Ocean and exterminated this bird species. They literally came, saw and defeated defenseless creatures.

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Australian wasp Aha ha

Australia has many unusual animals that are not found on other continents. For example, unique wasps live there, the species name of which sounds like “Aha ha”. It seems that the scientists who discovered them hate wasps so much that they decided to laugh at them, at least “on paper.”

Australian wasp Aha ha. Wasp Aha ha. Source: australiangeographic.com.au. Photo.

Wasp Aha ha. Source: australiangeographic.com.au

In fact, the author of this name is the American scientist Arnold Menke. In 1983, he told the story of its appearance. When he examined wasps new to science, he suddenly exclaimed “Aha!” (Eureka!). It dawned on him that wasps might belong to a new genus, but his colleague only responded with a skeptical “Ha!” As a result, they decided to name the wasps Aha ha.

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Carab beetles Agra vation

Carabids are the largest family of beetles on Earth. It is believed that there are up to 50,000 species of these insects in the world, and many of them have not yet been studied by science. Capturing these tiny creatures is a very painstaking task, so researcher Terry Erwin gave one of the species the name Agravation, which is similar to the English word Agravation (deterioration).

Agra vation ground beetle. Agra vation ground beetle. Source: zoopicture.ru. Photo.

Carabid beetle Agravation. Source: zoopicture.ru

This researcher also gave the ground beetles other funny names. For example, thanks to him, one of the species is called Agra cadabra, and another Agra katewinsletae, in honor of the actress Kate Winslet from Titanic.

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