Why you can’t re-fry in vegetable oil

Surely everyone has heard that vegetable oil cannot be reused for frying foods, since at temperatures of 200 degrees and above carcinogens are formed in it. More precisely, as a result of thermal exposure, glycidyl ethers are formed from mono- and diglycerides, which are presumably carcinogens; in any case, they cause cancer in rodents. However, there is very little information about the dangers of repeated use of vegetable oil, since long-term studies of its effects on health have not been conducted. Scientists from the USA decided to correct the situation. They conducted a study and found that reused vegetable oil may be even more dangerous to health than previously thought.

Why you can't re-fry with vegetable oil. Re-using vegetable oil when frying can cost your life. Photo.

Reusing vegetable oil when frying can cost your life

After frying, vegetable oil becomes hazardous to health

Harmful substances in the oil begin to form immediately when it is heated to 200 degrees. Therefore, frying foods in any case increases the risk of cancer. However, it is believed that the oil becomes most dangerous after repeated use, since as a result of repeated heating, antioxidants and other beneficial substances are destroyed, but at the same time the amount of harmful substances such as trans fats and peroxides increases.

Unfortunately, the practice of using the same oil, for example, in deep fryers, is common among housewives, as well as in cafes and restaurants around the world. As you might guess, this is done in order to save money. However, a recent study has once again confirmed that you should never save on vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil becomes hazardous to health after frying. After repeated frying, the oil becomes toxic. Photo.

After repeated frying, the oil becomes toxic

How does vegetable oil affect health after frying

In their study, scientists used rats, which were divided into three groups. One group was fed regular rat chow, the second group was given chow fortified with regular vegetable oil, and the third group received the same chow but fortified with oil after being re-used in the fryer. All three groups received this food for 30 days.

At the end of the month, the authors found that animals fed the reused oil had increased levels of liver enzymes. This means that the rats had high levels of inflammation and oxidative stress in the liver.

In addition, as the authors report in their study, the transport of an important omega-3 fatty acid into the brain decreased. This had serious neurodegenerative consequences that could be seen in the brain tissue. But that's not all – neurodegeneration was also observed in the offspring of these rats that did not consume the recycled oil.

How does vegetable oil affect health after frying? After consuming food with recycled vegetable oil, the health of rats was greatly affected. Photo.

After consuming food with reused vegetable oil, the health of rats was greatly affected

Thus, the study results demonstrate the relationship between the intestines, liver and brain. A disorder in the intestines or liver can cause neurological damage in the brain. But even more surprising was the fact that health problems arise in offspring after consuming low-quality oil. It can be assumed that a similar situation occurs in people who consume foods prepared with reused oil.

Neurodegeneration refers to the death of brain cells, which causes loss of capacity and ability to work, subsequent dementia and complete degradation.

In addition, scientists discovered many other health problems in rats that were fed low-quality oil. For example, they had increased cholesterol, as well as higher levels of inflammatory markers. The latter includes C-reactive protein (hs-CRP).

It is hs-CRP that is associated with such fatal diseases as stroke and heart attack, from which the largest number of people die in the world. In addition, scientists report damage to colon cells in rats and degeneration of neuron-supporting cells known as glia.

How does vegetable oil affect health after frying? Monosodium glutamate is present in sausages and many other products. Photo.

Mosodium glutamate is present in sausages and many other products

Monosodium glutamate is also dangerous, as is reused oil

Scientists have not limited themselves to studying the health effects of vegetable oil alone after repeated frying. In subsequent experiments, they exposed rats to MSG (flavor enhancer E621). It is a common food additive that is commonly found in a variety of foods, ranging from sausages, canned goods, soups and broths, to confectionery.

Consumption of this food additive in rats resulted in further neurological damage. That is, the condition of the rodents that ate food with recycled oil worsened.

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Given all of the above, it is hardly worth saving on vegetable oil, since the habit of reusing it can cost you your life. In addition, you should think several times before buying, for example, a cheburek or a fried pie in public catering establishments. As mentioned above, in public catering establishments they often save on oil.