“Replacement” for all Ai Pin smartphones tested: first impressions Mashable

Or maybe it's a wearable assistant? Humane's Ai Pin has already started shipping to reporters, with the Indian Express calling it the “ultimate smartphone killer.” According to Mashable, this device is designed to “reimagine” the way we interact with technology. Discuss

© Humane

Ai Pin can boast of its range of capabilities. Imagine a device that translates languages ​​on the fly (supports 50), summarizes web articles for voice browsing, and even detects the music playing around you. But his capabilities don’t end there. Vision feature coming soon. Point the Ai Pin at an object and it can retrieve information ranging from identifying a vintage Sony Walkman to recognizing the designer of your Air Jordans. This technology is also extending to health: a Nutrition Tracking application is planned that will analyze the content of foods (for example, calculating the amount of sugar in a donut).

Do you need a spreadsheet with a list of the best tech bloggers on YouTube? Just ask Pin, and it will collect the data, create a table, and upload it to your cloud platform.

Humane positions Ai Pin not as a replacement, but as “an entirely new form factor for computing.” It's about naturally interacting with information, eliminating the need for bulky devices and navigating through applications.

Humane's Ai Pin will begin shipping to the general public very soon, by the end of March. Whether it lives up to the title of “smartphone killer” remains to be seen, but Ai Pin certainly represents a bold move.