The expert told what to do if you lose your smartphone

The editor-in-chief of shared the expert told what to do if you lose your smartphone. Evgeny Kharitonov, editor-in-chief of, shared with Izvestia his thoughts on what to do if you lose your smartphone. According to him, activating the tracking mode is important for both iPhone and Android devices, although it differs in reliability. DiscussWhat to do if you lose your smartphone: expert advice© Ferra

For iPhone, you need to enable the “Find iPhone” option in the settings, while in Google smartphones the “Find My Device” option is enabled by default. Kharitonov emphasizes the need for proactive activation – enabling tracking functions in advance.

If lost, the first thing you need to do is call your smartphone, hoping for a conscientious finder. If the phone doesn't answer, activating Lost Mode on Apple devices displays contact information on the screen, facilitating a potential return. Android devices offer similar features, including remote calling, locking, and displaying contact information.

Unfortunately, Android smartphones are easier to reset to factory settings. In theory, a stolen smartphone that has been reset to factory settings should require logging into the same Google account with which it was stolen, and not allow the attacker into Android. But due to the low competence of programmers, this protection is constantly bypassed

Evgeniy KharitonovEditor-in-Chief of

Kharitonov noted that nothing will help save a smartphone from being sold for spare parts if an unscrupulous person finds it, however, you can make the life of an attacker more difficult – not only by registering a Google account in the smartphone and protecting using PIN+fingerprints, but also registration in the account of the smartphone manufacturer (Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung and others).