The bigfin squid is a mysterious creature that has only been seen a few times

Squids are marine animals from the class of cephalopods. Today, science knows about the existence of approximately 210 species of squid, the size of which can range from a couple of centimeters to several meters. Many species are able to change the shade of their body to protect themselves from predators or communicate with relatives. They also have dexterous tentacles, with which it is convenient to catch prey. Being predators, they eat small fish, shrimp and other small ocean inhabitants. Among the squids there are giants that amaze with their size and live at extreme depths. For example, scientists have only seen largefin squid a few times using deep-sea cameras. Despite the paucity of data, we have something to tell.

The colossal squid is a mysterious creature that has only been seen a few times. In photographs and videos, colossal squids look like alien creatures. Photo.

In photographs and videos, large-finned squids look like alien creatures


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  • 2 Who lives in the depths of the oceans
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What are bigfin squid

Bigfin squid belong to the genus Magnapinna, which is Latin for “large fin.” To date, science knows of the existence of only three species: Magnapinna atlantica, Magnapinna pacifica and Magnapinna talismani. It is possible that representatives of other species are swimming somewhere in the depths of the oceans, but researchers have not yet discovered them.

Who are bigfin squid? Science knows only about three species of bigfin squid. Photo.

Science knows only about three species of largefin squid

Who lives in the depths oceans

It is very difficult to see largefin squid. They live throughout the world's oceans, but exclusively at depths of more than 5,000 meters – this part of the ocean is called the ultra-abyssal.. Due to the impossibility of long-term observation, scientists cannot say exactly what kind of life they lead. It is impossible to tell with certainty either about their diet, or about their methods of reproduction, or about the tools they use to protect themselves from natural enemies. Scientists don't even know if deep-sea squids have any rivals at all.

Who lives in the depths of the oceans. Without any exaggeration, large-finned squids are one of the most mysterious animals in the world. Photo.

Without any exaggeration, large-finned squids are one of the most mysterious animals in the world

At ocean depths of more than 6000 meters, absolute darkness because sunlight does not penetrate there. There is also very high pressure, which is created by incredible volumes of water. The water temperature at great depths is usually very low, approximately 1-4 degrees Celsius.

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What do giant squids look like

Fortunately, scientists at least know what large-finned squids look like. They got their unusual name because of the large fins that are on their heads and help them swim. They also have long tentacles hanging down several meters. Scientists do not know whether large-finned squids use them for hunting – it seems that this is impossible, but anything can happen.

What do giant squids look like? To capture a huge squid on camera, you need artificial lighting. Photo.

To film a huge squid, you need artificial lighting

Longest The largefin squid reached 6.4 meters in length. At the same time, most of this length belonged to the tentacles – they had a length of 6.1 meters. It turns out that squids living in the depths of the oceans are longer than most passenger cars.

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Video with giant squids

For many thousands of years, people did not even suspect the existence of such large squids. Rumors about this first began in 1883, when a dead specimen washed up on the shore of one of the Portuguese islands. However, in those days, scientists could not understand what it was – the body was in very poor condition.

Largefin squids were officially described only in 1998, when scientists once again stumbled upon two dead individuals. One body floated in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, and the second was found inside a predatory fish (it seems that squids still have enemies).

Video with giant squid. Still from video with largefin squid. Photo.

Still from a video with a largefin squid

For the first time, scientists were able to film huge squids only in 1988, but at first they did not understand what exactly was in the frame. In just a couple of decades, they managed to shoot only about 20 videos, and all of them are of poor quality – deep-sea equipment is always used for filming.

The most impressive video of a largefin squid was filmed in 2007. Then, in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, scientists were able to capture a living specimen freely floating in the water. Due to the dim lighting, green tint, and choppy footage, the video looks scary. It feels like scientists managed to film an alien creature. But no – these creatures live on Earth.

The bigfin squid is a mysterious creature that has only been seen a few times. Video with giant squids. Photos.

Video of a largefin squid filmed in 2007

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It is important to note that colossal squid are not the largest. In the depths of the oceans live representatives of species that can grow to the length of several cars. We showed photographs and even videos of them in the article “The largest squid in the world reaches 14 meters in length.” From the same material you will learn why deep-sea animals often become so large.