In a couple of hours, a scientist created an AI drone capable of recognizing people as a target.

And this scared the developer. Engineer and businessman Louis Venus said that in just a few hours, together with his partner, he created a potential killer drone. The idea was to create a drone for games and simulators, but in the end it turned out that modern software has turned the UAV into a potential weapon. DiscussA scientist in a couple of hours created an AI drone capable of recognizing people as a target


Venus, along with another engineer, Robert Lukosko, equipped an ordinary commercial drone with facial recognition technology and a guidance system. AI algorithms developed by enthusiasts allow you not just to recognize faces, but to pursue a specific person or build a map of movement towards a group of people and approach the target at full speed. The UAV can recognize people's faces at a distance of up to 10 meters.

And when engineers tested the device, they said they were “very scared”, since nothing prevents them from creating an armed version of the drone aimed at a specific person or group of people.

Venus has called himself an “absolute open source advocate,” meaning he believes in always sharing code and software. However, he said that he would not publish the code associated with this experiment.

“It literally took several hours to create it, and I realized how scary it was. You can easily attach a small amount of explosives to them and send 100 of them flying. We check them for bombs and weapons, but so far there are no drone protection systems for large events and public places,” wrote Venus on the social network X.