Hackers hacked special websites during the NATO summit and told the world a lot

They made secret information public. The head of military intelligence of Lithuania, Elegius Paulavičius, said during the annual report that some hackers from “unfriendly countries” hacked secret special sites with important information about delegations arriving at the NATO summit in Vilnius in July 2023. DiscussHackers hacked special sites during the NATO summit and told the world a lot

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Paulavičius cited data from the consolidated public report of the Lithuanian State Security Department and the second department of operational services – the military intelligence service under the Ministry of Defense. The military officer noted that the hackers not only hacked the websites, but also made public important and sensitive information about the time of arrival of delegations to the summit at Vilnius airport, which hotels the guests will stay in, the names and surnames of the guards, information about their weapons and communications.

Of course, a representative of the Lithuanian intelligence services said that the hackers acted on orders from Russian intelligence, but, as usual, did not provide any evidence.

“This happened. The fact of such a hack has been recorded,” said Paulavičius.