Startup raises $17M to develop fingerprint sensor pistol

“Guns will remain a part of American culture for the foreseeable future”Biofire Technologies has raised $17 million in funding to further develop its smart pistol, which uses a fingerprint sensor to unlock the trigger.DiscussStartup Raises $17M to Develop Fingerprint Sensor Pistol

Biofire weapons can only be used by authorized users, which should exclude the possibility of unauthorized use of weapons. What the Biofire CEO cares about most is children, who “will be protected from the accidental use of guns.” says Biofire founder and CEO Kai Kloepfer. “A smart gun is not a panacea, but we believe we can make an immediate and significant impact.”

Kloepfer, who dropped out of MIT to pursue Biofire, adds that the pistol is in beta testing with law enforcement and firearms experts.