What social media posts can attract scammers

A vacation photo can turn into a burglaryThe head of the CyberMoscow project, Grigory Pashchenko, told how scammers can use your posts about children or a favorite hobby.DiscussWhat social media posts can attract scammers

that attackers are trying to collect as much information as possible about the victim from social networks, and then use this data against the person. Pashchenko gave an example: a photo with a horse can lead to a call from a scammer offering to ride a horse for half the usual price, after which you will be sent a link to a phishing site. In his opinion, a photo from a vacation can attract burglars.

“From the photo of the passport, air tickets, boarding passes, you can understand when and where you flew, where you were, and a set of psychological tools, keys with which you can to attack,” a Sputnik radio specialist quotes. However, later the criminals can create a “clone” of the document, or the victim may receive a call from the pseudo-inspector of the traffic police, who will demand to pay a fine for a non-existent violation.

Pashchenko claims that scammers are “hunting” for photos of children: they use these photos to create fake fundraising ads for an allegedly sick child.

According to the expert, in order to protect yourself from scammers, you should close your profile on social networks, giving access to publications only to friends.