Xbox Game Pass froze in anticipation: the timing of the announcement of a subscription to games for the PlayStation is revealed

There's been talk on the net for a very long time about Sony's own response to Xbox Game Pass. And now, apparently, we are as close as possible to the transition from the plane of rumors to the plane of official announcements.DiscussXbox Game Pass stuck waiting: PlayStation subscription announcement dates revealed

According to Bloomberg data, the Japanese company will introduce the long-awaited game subscription next week. At the moment, it is known under the code name Spartacus, which will most likely be different at the time of the announcement. one new subscription. As part of it, users will be able to play projects from the library of classic games with the PlayStation 2 and PSP.

At the moment, there is no exact information on how much monthly and annual subscriptions will cost. This will become known either at the event organized on the occasion of the announcement, or closer to this date.