Elon Musk launches Tesla karaoke microphone

But only in China, Tesla is selling a new accessory: a car karaoke microphone. For now, TeslaMic is only available in China. The company unveiled it amid a Chinese New Year software update. Discuss ” alt=”Elon Musk has released a signature Tesla karaoke microphone” Elon Musk has released a signature Tesla karaoke microphone TeslaMic comes in a set of two. The kit costs about $188.

It is not yet clear if Tesla will sell the TeslaMic outside of China. However, there is already an official Carpool Karaoke microphone that can be connected to the car's audio system, but you will have to provide your own tracks and lyrics videos. rob Tesla Supercharger charging stations. Thieves only steal charging cables, leaving other station components intact.

Source: Engadget