Trackguide: you need to know about Spa-Francorchamps


Trackguide: you need to know about Spa-Francorchamps

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Trackguide: dit moet je weten over Spa-Francorchamps
This coming weekend is the most beautiful circuit of the F1 calendar back on the menu. Why is this race worth is weighed, we all, but how about the circulation exactly?

Although we assume that most interested in racing, Spa-Francorchamps, however, to be able to dream, it was still a tight plan to the lane / turn out the lights. Including free highlights from present and past.

La Source

La Source

The first corner after start-finish line more than once is a guarantee for spectacle listens to the name of La Source, is a hairpin turn right. Also the slowest part of the circuit, with a snelheidje of approximately 65 km/h taken. Just after the start, however, it may also at low speeds lot can go wrong, such as in 2012 (movie).

The straight stretch that follows, was, in 1998, the stage for one of the largest startcrashes ever in F1 (video).

Eau Rouge and Raidillon

Eau Rouge

Then it’s full throttle down the hill in the direction of perhaps the most beautiful bochtencombinatie in the world: Eau Rouge and Raidillon. The latter is less known, but actually, this is the gap that this left-right-left combo that steep uphill walk difficult. In the old times were only the highlights here, full throttle through it, it’s a lot easier. Useful to know: whether a driver there full tank through it barks or not is not to see, but to hear. Speeds walk in the bend to around 290 km/h.

Overtaking in Eau Rouge is still reserved for drivers with steel cojones. Stefan Bellof was killed there in a Porsche 956 and Jacques Villeneuve has several cars fully depreciated (movie) in the hard bend.

Les Combes and Malmedy

Les Combes

After Raidillon follows Kemmel, a long straight where speeds of around 330 km/h are reached and the scene of one of the most beautiful inhaalacties ever (video). Then go to the drivers hard in the anchors for a right-left-right combination, namely Les Combes and Malmedy. Speeds are here between the 140 and 170 km/h. In earlier times it was the circuit at Les Combes straight, then a fast-paced and dangerous job started which is now known as the old Spa.

Today, we are so right and that supplies are still sometimes just a few short moments. Last year were Hamilton and Rosberg here with each other in the clinch (video).

Bruxelles (Rivage)


Sliding is hard braking for a slow right but tight, formerly known as Rivage. Further, it is not very interesting hairpin. Speeds are slightly above the 100 km/h. Then the quickly with a short nod left towards Pouhon.



Since the real challenge of Eau Rouge is thanks to the increased downforce, got a lot of riders these two left turns as the most exciting of the Ardennes circulation. At the start of the bend going to the drivers is about 230 km/h, in the release is that all of 270 km/h.

This is also about the place where a small mauritsh crying in front of the tv was one Michael Schumacher in the rain in ’98, the McLaren of David Coulthard rammed (video). There you have nothing, but still.

Campus (Fagnes)


A not-too-fast right-left combination, with speeds of up to about 170 km/h. And yes, also here it was Schumacher once (in 1996) pretty hard from (movie). He thanked the F1 also thank on his bare knees for the high cockpitranden that since a few years were required, otherwise, he had the blow may not be unscathed survived.

-=edit: small Mistake thanks to: Schumacher crashed not in the Fens, but with the nod after Rivage.=-

Stavelot and Courbe Paul Frère


The two rechterbochten after Fagnes called Stavelot and Paul Frère. The first bend is slower and the second is again full throttle taken in the direction of the semi-straight piece that the drivers towards the start / finish line. Jos Verstappen had here in 1996, a hearty moment with his Arrows (movie). Jos the Boss could do little to the accident, the crash was caused by a defective wheel.



We have arrived at the fastest corner of the track, Blanchimont. In some racing classes is briefly lifted, or even inhibited, but Formula 1 cars hurtling without any problems at full throttle through it. In 2001 there was here a ghastly crash between Eddie Irvine (in the green Jaguar) and Luciano Burti (in the blue Prost). The latter lost his front wing and cracked almost 300 km/h straight on the bandenstapel in, but survived it (video).

Bus Stop

Bus Stop-chicane

For this right-left chicane is slowed down from 315+ to about 70 km/h. In the past, it was still a double chicane that is exactly the other side went on, but from 2007 the bend as it is now. The name of the bend is not a coincidence. When the circuit needed cash, the local government begging for a subsidy. With the promise that the money would be used for a bus stop, flocked the necessary BEF.

Below is the full throttle towards the start-finish line and begins the feast from scratch.

VT 1

Incidentally, it ended just the first free training: both mercedes cars eindeigden front, Max scored handsome P7. And Pastor? That crashed again. Classic Maldonado..