Most special Cascada EN is on Marketplace


Most special Cascada EN is on Marketplace

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De meest bijzondere Cascada van Nederland is te koop
For those who have a good story to tell in the pub: look no further and buy this used car.

It’s been a few years ago, and that supplier Mark Syrup are Opel Cascada and the Volkswagen Golf cabrio lost to lurid type, and eventually the two cars to get back (full story HERE) from a trip to Iraq.

A film is now in the making, and the iconic Cascada is now on Marketplace. According to provider Syrup is the car neatly dealer maintained, all is the question of how the thieves with the car are dealt with in the time that they are the cabrio in their possession.

The from 2013, originating Opel has a total thick, 40.000 km walked and get a asking price of 24,500 euros. The particular story provides, however, not for a flawless sale, the cabrio is now already three months offered on the Marketplace.

De gestolen Cascada en de Golf Cabrio

Thanks to W211bonestock for the tip!

Gallery: Opel Cascada used car

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