Thai boy (19) will not have a car, kills family


Thai boy (19) will not have a car, kills family

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De verdachte
That is one messed up rich kid…

In Thailand currently plays a very sad thing: last Sunday was a complete family decimated by, as it turned out, their own son. Mr. (19) was angry that he through his parents promised car did not, and decided them, and his 16-year-old brother, therefore, but by the head to shoot.

The boy had, moreover, make it seem as if his brother first his parents and then himself had been shot. The police discovered in the investigation that this was impossible, and later found out that the 19-year-old boy just for the act all of the cameras in the house had turned off. Now the boy has known, reports the Bangkok Post.

Moral of the story: everywhere in the world people walk around with a stitch loose, especially in Asia. Last week, killed an Indian man and his wife because they forgot tomatoes on his potato dish to add. So.

But with a cheerful note to finish: Thai beursbabes in the repetition.

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