Children (12 and 13) drive 35km in the car and save mother


Children (12 and 13) drive 35km in the car and save mother

Posted on 06-12-2015 to 13:00 by dizono – 22 Comments”

Holden Ute
In Australia, two young punks saved the life of their mother behind the wheel of the car of their parents and help to get. For their father to come help, unfortunately too late.

The 29-year-old father of the children was in Weilmoringle, somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Australia, a pump installed in a well. He was, however, stunned by presumably carbon monoxide. His 28-year-old woman’s lap to help him, but fell himself 30 feet down when the rope ladder broke, according to the Australian ABC News.

Their children of 12 and 13 years old, which, unfortunately, witness had to be of the accident, got in the car of the parents, and rode 35 kilometers in the direction of the nearest road for help to get. There they had a driver standing then the emergency services inschakelden. Emergency services which, unfortunately, 200 miles away stationed, and were, therefore, relatively leave the place of accident is reached. On time to the woman alive from the pit to rescue, all wrong they are in shock, and she has a carbon monoxide incurred. The father came to help, unfortunately too late, he is on the spot death.

Usually the not well off as children behind the wheel, but fortunately, there are exceptions. These two Australian children, we can to that list of young heroes to add.